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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Causes of wisdom teeth removal:

Wisdom teeth or third molars can grow in the back of your mouth where they don’t have enough room to grow effectively and properly and can cause to several complications. Erupting wisdom teeth may grow horizontally or any other different angle in the jaw.  Wisdom teeth removal is essential to avoid these problems. But removal of such teeth are not required if you have wisdom teeth which have characteristics of  healthy, completely grown, positioned correctly, able to clean, and able to biting teeth. Sometimes wisdom tooth partially appeared, other times, they still remain hidden. The teeth which are not able to appeared can become trapped or impacted within the jaw.  According to the (ADA) American Dental Association, wisdom teeth removal is beneficial if you have experience following changes in the area of your teeth. In other words, following mentioned are the reasons for the removal of wisdom teeth.

  • If you feel any pain, swelling, and difficulty in biting
  • Sever infection of the soft tissues on the gums
  • Development of cysts (fluid-filled shells) and tumors
  • Damages of other adult teeth and gum diseases
  • Cavity and extensive and continuous tooth decay
  • Causing to push other teeth and creating biting issues
  • Damages your nerves and hollow out your mouth
  • Occurrence of pressure, sinus pain, and congestion due to sinus issues
  • Inflamed gums and swollen tissues which are harden to clean
  • Cause to produce bacteria and cavities between teeth
  • Creating issues bridges, braces, partial dentures, and crowns.

The decision to wisdom teeth removal is not simple and clear. Consult to your dentist to discuss the position and health of your tooth to take the best decision for the situation. Your dentist will check the shape of your mouth and may take an X-ray to help you to make a decision of removal. Remember, if you have pain, swelling, or any odor in your mouth, it is a time for quick removal.

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