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Tooth Color Restorations

Facts behind tooth color restoration:

Tooth color restoration is also known as dental fillings, white fillings, and colored fillings which works to complete the structure of fractured, missing, or decayed tooth. In addition to this, colored filling will also be used cosmetically to improve the shape, color, and appearance of natural teeth.  Particularly, it is used to repair the chipped teeth and close the gap between teeth to make them stronger.  Tooth color fillings were first introduced in the 1960 to the American public. Since the material of colored fillings has undergone to improve its esthetics, material durability, and compatibility.

before, after teeth

Composite resin is more effective and versatile used as filling material. Tooth color fillings are chemically bonded to the required area. To place a filling, decay is removed from tooth, and then primer (a weak acid) is applied to the tooth to open the pores in dentin and enamel. A bonding agent is flowed into the pore. And then filling material is placed inside the required area. After shaping the filling material, a strong curing light is used to make it hard and strong.

Adjustment will be made by dentist while polishing and smoothing the filling. Following mentioned are the famous types of tooth color fillings:

  • Composite fillings:

Composite fillings are also known as white or plastic fillings. These fillings will compliment to your natural teeth. Getting this colored filling is depended on the placement of your tooth. Actually, this type of filling is not good for back teeth.

  • Glass Ionomer material:

Glass ionomer filling are good for front teeth. This fillings material comes is particular shades which match to your natural teeth.  They contain fluoride agent which can control the decay in the tooth. Latest glass filling material is stronger and last longer.

  • Porcelain materials:

It is common type of dental ceramic used as filling material. They have hard and brittle properties. They can be combined with metal to make it stronger.

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