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What Can Actually Ruin Your Smile?

Smiling is undoubtedly one of the most powerful gestures on earth. It is also the centre of your well-being and health. As nearly 50% of people notice each other’s smiles, it is pertinent that you ensure that your smile makes a positive first impression of you. In addition, smiles are not only contagious and can lift the mood of those around you. When you have a great smile, you appear younger too. That’s why it is easy to understand why taking care of your teeth and smile is so important. You brush your teeth and floss twice a day. You even use mouthwash on a regular basis. You should, however, also take note of the things that can ruin your smile during your daily routines. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Sweet and fizzy drinks

By now, you might have already that sugar can cause cavities and that’s why it is highly recommended that you avoid foods and beverages which are loaded with sugar. If you crave the occasional soft drink, you should consider drinking it through a straw. This technique helps reduce the contact on the teeth. After drinking, ensure that you rinse your mouth with water.

Letting your mouth stay dry for extended periods of time

You should note that dry mouth can have a negative effect on your teeth. Saliva is needed to help cleanse acids and bacteria from the mouth that can cause cavities. You are recommended to drink lots of water throughout the day. You can also increase saliva production by using mouthwash after brushing.

Drinking too much tea and coffee


Coffee and black tea contains tannins which can increase the retention of unhealthy bacteria on tooth enamel as well as cause staining. If these are some of your favourite beverages, be sure to drink lots of water during the day to help flush your mouth of the acids. You can balance the acids by adding milk to your drink as well.

Drinking too much acidic drinks like wine

Routine wine consumption can cause enamel staining and decay because wine is acidic. If you love enjoying a glass of wine in the evenings, it’s highly recommended that you rinse your mouth with water after you are done. Also, avoid swishing the wine around in the mouth excessively.

Making sport drinks your go-to thirst quenchers

Medical research has found that many popular sports drinks are highly acidic pH levels. Just cans after cans of soft drinks, these drinks can eat away at the tooth enamel. The negative effects from all the sugars of the drinks compounds, erodes your teeth, and then increases your risk to tooth decay and cavities.

Maintaining a poor diet

Did you know that poor nutrition and diet can lead to a wide range of health concerns including gum disease and tooth decay? You should counter this problem by making sure you get sufficient folate, calcium, Vitamin C, healthy proteins and Vitamin B.

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