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Root Canal Treatment

Signs and Symptoms of the Root Canal Treatment

When your teeth do not work properly or cause pain in the regular basis, you need to go to the dentist immediately and have the treatment. After conducting some important tests, he will inform you either you need root canal treatment or medicines are enough for you. All this depends upon condition of your teeth. Following are some of the signs and the symptoms of the teeth that leads you towards the root canal treatment.

  • Pain is the most noticeable symptom that leads your teeth towards the root canal treatment. The pain may be because of many reasons like presence of pulp in a particular teeth. This pulp causes pain after regular intervals of time. The dentist can only diagnose either your tooth requires root canal treatment or any other treatment.
rot canal
  • Swelling of the gums beneath the tooth and the cheeks may also lead your tooth towards the root canal treatment. There may be several reasons for this swelling like tenderness in the gums, pus in the nerve endings of the tooth and many others.
  • The sensitiveness of the teeth may also be known as one of the sign for the requirements of root canal treatment. If your tooth feel hot and cold products while eating, then you must go to the dentist. Sometimes, these sensations happen because of the problems in the nerve endings. The dentist will suggest you all the medication processes that will be required for your treatment. In severe cases, the dentist chose root canal treatment. This can save your teeth physically, but make them dead.
  • The tooth color can also be the sign of the root canal treatment. If the color of the tooth is mild then you should go to the dentist to make complete tests of your teeth.
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