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Inlays & Onlays

Types of inlays and onlays

The difference in types of inlays and onlays are of the material used for filling the damaged teeth. Inlay filling is fixed in the cusps of teeth. While onlays filling is used to cover the cusps of teeth. Inlays and onlays method for dental restoration are less costly, durable and convenient than other methods of repairing the teeth. Usually there are three types of inlays and onlays materials are available for the patients that are as follow.

  1. Gold
  2. composite
  3. Porcelain

Most of the patients want filing made up of porcelain because porcelain can be colored. Dentists match the color of porcelain to the natural color of teeth of the patients. By the use of color, filling looks natural. There are different types of porcelain fillings are available. These types are different in their features, color, quality and molded structure. Dentists select the porcelain according to their experiences. Dentists select that type of porcelain that gives more benefits in different cases of customers. Emax and Empress are the two names of different types of porcelains. Zirconia is another type of porcelain in which the material of filling is harder than the other type of porcelain and glue is needed to attach the filling with the teeth.
Gold is another material for filling. The cost of golden inlays and onlays is more than the other types of material used in it. Its durability and strength is more than porcelain filling. The filling of gold in inlays and onlays remain undamaged for approximately 25 to 30 years. The third type of porcelain is the composite inlay and onlay. This type of filling is less costly than the porcelain. A less numbers of dentists use this type of filling of inlays and onlays while most of the dentists prefer the other types of fillings. Our dentists use the gold and porcelain filling for dental inlays and onlays because they want to use quality material for their valuable patients.

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