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Dentures Perth

As we all know, dentures are a replacement for missing teeth that can be removed and put back in at will.

Dentures look and function like natural teeth, with a flesh-coloured acrylic base that fits over your gums to hold them in place. Traditionally, the upper denture stretches out over the roof of your mouth for suction support, while the bottom denture is ‘U’ shaped, making room for the tongue.

At Third Ave. Dental, we take thorough examinations and make detailed impressions of your mouth, to custom-make dentures or partial dentures for optimal comfort, functionality and fit.

Traditional Dentures

With conventional full dentures, a mould is taken from your mouth after teeth are removed, and then the perfect fitting denture is created from that mould, whilst your tissue heals. During this time, you are toothless, or can employ temporary dentures.

Immediate Dentures

Instant full dentures can be inserted after teeth are removed, using measurements taken from your mouth during a preliminary visit. Immediate dentures prevent periods with no teeth, but will have to be realigned after the tissue in your mouth has healed completely, as measurements change during after healing.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture is fixed to framework that is attached to remaining natural teeth, for when not all teeth need replacing. Partial dentures can also be attached to dental crowns, creating a removable bridge.


  • Create complete, natural looking smiles
  • Fill voids of missing teeth
  • Hold mouth and thus facial structure in place
  • Complete functionality of bite – freedom to eat as normal
  • Requires no intrusive surgery after teeth are removed
  • Can be easily removed, remoulded, replaced
  • Provides option if structural bone problems wont hold implants


Dentures can take some getting used to, and it is common to initially feel awkward, bulky and uncomfortable in your mouth. Eventually most patients to get used to them though!

Please contact us today for more details, or with any further questions regarding dentures, and the denture solutions we can create at Third Ave. Dental Centre.

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