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Dental Surgery

Recovery from dental surgery

Dental surgery is a process in which the dentist remove the mouth tissues to solve the problems. It may include gum surgery, teeth removal and the dental implantation. Sometimes, dental surgery became very important to avoid other major risks like mouth cancer. Just like other surgeries, the recovery from the dental surgery is also not an easy task. You have to take proper care of it. A patient may face pain, swelling, bleeding after surgery. If the dentist has performed the surgery in an effective way and successfully, then the recovery from the surgery will be easier.


In order to treat the post-surgery pain, you should keep on using the medicine directed by the dentist. You should not feel discomfort especially after 24 to 48 hours of the surgery. Don’t try to take more medicine than prescribed, if you want to avoid post-surgery pain.


You may also face bleeding after surgery. In such a case, use ice cream or any other cold thing to stop bleeding. If the bleeding continuous after 4 hours of the surgery then immediately contact to the surgeon. You should avoid hot liquid intake that is tea or coffee.


Swelling is a major problem that is faced by the people usually after their surgery. The swelling period may last for 6 to 7 days depending on the complexity of your surgery and your body chemistry. It is recommended that the patient should not apply heat within 24 hours of surgery. It may cause the swelling worse.

Jaw problem

After the surgery, patient may feel pain in jaws. He may be unable to open his mouth properly. In such a situation he should not do it forcefully and take some rest. The patient should also avoid chewing foods for at least 48 hours after surgery.

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