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Crowns & Bridges

Post-operative Instructions for Crowns & Bridges

Generally the implantation of the crowns & bridges take two to three appointments to complete the procedure. For this, it is very important that the dentists should have expertise and technical skills to work appropriately. Our reliable and professional dentists provide you the best services. At first, you visit the dentists to make sure either it requires crowns or bridge or not? If the dentist suggest you, then you must go for his or her advice. At this time, the dentist offers you to have temporary crown or bridge and note down your teeth size.

The dentist may use anesthesia in every appointment, so you must not chew any food until the jaw, teeth and the tongue get their sensation back. In the last appointment, the dentist will implant the crowns and bridges and fit them like the natural teeth. So that you can chew any food and have fun in your life.
Our expert dentists provide post-operative instructions to the patients. According to them, the patients should not eat sticky products and hard food products just like the chewing gums. In-spite of this, if the crowns or the bridges come out from their places, then you must immediately come to the dentist. He will fix them again in their position.
The patients generally face cold, hot and the pressure sensitivity during the treatment process or your gums may remain sore for many days. If it is the situation, then you can take salt in warm water and rinse it 3 times in a day. The patient should take proper medicine as prescribed by the dentist in addition to the daily care like brushing.
All these instructions and precautions are very important for an effective treatment. In any case, if the crown or bridge does not fit to your teeth or cause pain then you should consult to the dentist.

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