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Crown & Veneer Replacements Available At Third Avenue Dental

Veneer and Crown Replacement Available At Third Avenue Dental!


Despite our best efforts our teeth can still suffer from unseen unfortunate circumstances. Maybe a nasty sporting injury or an unforeseen accident has left your smile looking not exactly how you might wish it would. Or, perhaps there’s something about your smile that you would really like to change, something that’s always been there; something that is affecting your confidence? That’s where we can help!


Third Avenue Dental is Perth’s go-to for veneer and crown replacements.


We don’t want your experience to be an anxious one, so we take the right steps to ensure comfort without compromising efficiency. We aim to deliver dentist appointments that you actually want to go to..but, how do we achieve this? We’re glad you asked! Our experienced team makes sure that your experience isn’t one to be dreaded, rather, a comfortable and enjoyable one.

Want to know a little more about Third Avenue Dental’s excellent veneer and crown replacement services? Look no further! See our services below:


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What is a crown replacement?

A crown replacement is a dental cap that is placed over a weakened tooth to prevent further fracturing and decay.  Crowns can also be used to protect a tooth after a root canal or they can replace a misshaped/discoloured tooth. Crowns are more of a whole tooth replacement.

How do we replace a crown?

To design and fit a crown onto your tooth will require multiple appointments (2-3 is recommended!). It will need to be shaped and fitted. You want to make sure that your dentist is highly skilled and experienced as it is a complicated procedure that demands the highest level of professionalism and experience. On the final appointment, you will be fitted with your replacement.

We pride ourselves on our superior crown replacement services, and our expertise is derived from years of practical experience and it catered to crown replacement.

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What is a veneer?

Veneers are thin porcelain covers for your teeth that are used as smaller patch replacements. Covering smaller imperfections that are perhaps more noticeable to the naked eye. including

  •      Chipped teeth
  •      Broken or fractured teeth
  •      Crooked or misaligned teeth
  •      Gaps between teeth


Chipping a tooth can be very daunting, such a dramatic and swift change to your face is scary. Luckily fixing it is what we do best. Third Avenue dental can fix a chipped tooth with just one affordable quick appointment.


Don’t stress about having to cover your mouth or avoiding food. Make an appointment with Third Avenue Dental with the assurance that your smile will be restored to its normal form by the time you leave.



All dentists may sound like a broken record, but hear us out…solid dental hygiene is key! it will prevent further deterioration. Also the habit of regular cleaning will stem into other areas of your life making you more aware of your mouth health. Brush twice a day and floss regularly and make sure to visit your dentist at least twice a year for regular check-ups.


Remember to protect your teeth if you’re engaging in any contact sports such as rugby or basketball. Injuries can happen at any time and a mouth guard is the best way to protect your teeth.


If you need help with choosing the right product that fits your mouth comfortably, the team at Third Avenue will be able to guide and help you. Get in touch with the Third Avenue team today!


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