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A Guide To Getting Dental Implants

If your smile doesn’t have a few gaps in it, you’re actually a rarity: Most Australians are missing at least a few teeth, and as Australians get older, their number of teeth tends to steadily shrink. Unfortunately, missing teeth aren’t just an aesthetic problem. Tooth loss actually has larger implications for your oral health, and even your overall health.
That’s why many people choose to replace their missing teeth with dental implants. Implants are a safe, proven way to correct for tooth loss. Each implant is rooted into your jawbone, just like a real tooth, and has an attractive, durable crown so it blends right in. Implants work just as well as real teeth, look just like real teeth, and best of all, they can last a lifetime if cared for properly.
The dental implant procedure doesn’t have to be an arduous process, and can be achieved in four pretty simple steps;

Register For A Consultation

Before anything else, our dentist will consult with you about your goals. We will also perform an oral exam to make sure that your oral health is good enough for implants. If you have gum disease or other dental problems, it may be recommended that you resolve these problems before moving forward with implants.
Then, with the help of state-of-the-art scanning technology, a comprehensive model of your teeth will be created. This model is the key to the digital dental implant difference — it takes the guesswork out of the implant process, so that your dental implant can be installed quickly and precisely.

Develop A Surgical Plan

Using the 3D model that was created from the scans, we will come up with a surgical plan and then perform a few mock surgeries. This will allow the dentist to completely optimize the procedure, and carefully and precisely design your restorations. Best of all, this can be done in between visits, reducing the amount of time that you’re actually sitting in the dentist’s chair.
This even allows us to show you a 3D simulation of your surgery before it happens, so you’ll know exactly how it’s going to work.

Surgical Guide

Using the surgical plan, your dentist will print a unique surgical guide that is custom created based on the dimensions of your mouth. This guide is the key part of the process that enables a quick, accurate implantation.

Implants & Procedure

Finally, it will be time for the actual procedure. While a traditional implant surgery can take over two hours, digital dental implants can be placed in around fifteen minutes, thanks to the accuracy and efficiency of the 3D printed surgical guide. Plus, digital dental implants are placed with no incision, which means less discomfort and an easier healing process.


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