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Dental Implant or Dental Bridge – Which Treatment is Right for You?

Dental implants


If you have a missing tooth or teeth, then you’ll probably understand how strange the gaps in your mouth feel. Dental gaps can result in difficulties eating, drinking, and even speaking, and can make you feel self-conscience about your oral health. While the issue of missing teeth may seem like a big deal, fixing your dental issues and filling these gaps is easier than you think. In fact, you can repair all of these issues quickly and efficiently.

There are two simple treatment methods you can follow to make your smile fuller and brighter, either dental bridges, or dental implants, but which option is right for you?

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges will involve a dentist drilling a new tooth into your jaw. This may sound painful, but your mouth will be numbed by the procedure, and this form of treatment will ensure your dental bone structure is preserved. Therefore, if you want to ensure you’re maintaining your oral health well into the future, a dental bridge is an effective option.

Dental bridges also come with a host of benefits, including, but not limited to affordability and a speedy procedure/recovery time.


One of the main benefits of dental bridges is that they’re a more affordable treatment method when compared to dental implants. This is because they don’t require as much work as dental implants. So if you have a strict budget to adhere to, this could be the treatment method for you!

A Quick Treatment

As well as being a more affordable option, dental bridges also take less time to complete. If you’re time poor, and can’t afford to spend long periods of time in your dentist’s chair, then a dental bridge is your quickest option.

Dental Implants

Strength and Durability

Since dental plants are usually placed directly into your jaw, they are known for being incredibly strong. In fact, when installed correctly, dental implants will often last decades, ensuring you can enjoy the benefits associated with a full, healthy set of teeth for years to come.

Mimics the Look of Natural Teeth

Dental patients are often concerned that their dental treatment won’t yield a natural look. However, contrary to many people’s misconceptions, dental implants will in fact look and feel like real teeth, which is the number one reason some patients choose an implant over a bridge to fill the gaps in their mouth.

So, Which Option is Best for You?

When you do get a dental implant, you can rest assured your dental work will be durable, long-lasting, and will produce natural looking teeth. On the other hand, dental bridges are more affordable, and are perfect for time poor individuals.

When choosing between each treatment method, try to look at dental implants as a long-term investment, while bridges are good for those who are in search of expedited resolutions for their oral health.

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